Friday, August 26, 2011

calling our sailors , Friday eve 11 16

OK I followed the New Orleans disaster minute by minute
I am doing this with Irene too.
This time with a lump in the throat.
I have kids in this storm.

Last I heard about 20 minutes ago is that in land will have A LOT OF flooding too,
Lee worried about her trees, they have had rain for days and everything is soaked
another 5 to 8 inches of rain added and the trees may fall.

I could not sleep, I kept thinking the crew was going to Baltimore to get their cars to safety as they expected floods there too.
What are they thinking I said to myself. The N J Turnpike is already closed, all transportation in NYC stops tomorrow at noon. Never been done before.
Hospitals are empty along the low line Manhattan.
Evacuation was with ambulances, helicopters, busses. Unbelievable to watch.
Even babies in incumbators, no one died in transit so they say.

Army has been called and is in NY to help after the fact. Reserve

At this moment I wonder how high the Hudson will be rising???
Does anyone know???
75 Mile winds can do a lot of damage.
Hope the boat is insured.
But first think of your safety.

No gasoline along roads, I saw some fighting for the last tank.
In a situation like this you see 2 different kinds of people.
You see the sharing ones who will take care of strangers, feed them and
give them shelter and then there are the ones who panic and feel that
they should have the privilege of survival over any body else.

I am glad I got up and saw the new emails and now know you will be safe in a hotel and stay away from windows.

So glad the keys will be in Baltimore and pray tell if they expect floods where are the cars going to be safe from that?

Noah tells his mother that he will come out there on sUNDAY, she thinks he is nuts, she knows hurricanes, these New Yorkers are not buying the danger. Time and time again young people interviewed say "Nah, nothing like that will happen"
Hope they are right.
Now I will go to sleep. it is 11 32 almost Saturday and the eye should hit NC in 8 hours.

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