Sunday, August 7, 2011

so our credit rating is down the toilet.

It will be interesting to see what the next weeks will bring.
was watching Amanpour and no one at the table was very happy about the way
this was done. Politics, who can understand the undergarments of politics,
the deals made in quiet rooms, promises to the industry, promises to countries, wars, costly deals.

Our loss today in the human scene is greater with more soldiers dying.
22 of our elite men , blown up in a helicopter. Belonging to a very small
group of 300 or so. Thinking of all the families at home today, children who
will never see their father again. This is now almost a daily routine...cost? enormous, cost of lives? not replaceable.

If I start thinking about it all I will go in a corner and sulk, what can I do to change anything? I can help with world hunger and hope the people who need it
will get their share of it.

Forget my mood, I am grouchy and I no longer have PMS to blame it on.

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