Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mariners :

Just read your new blog.
I think it best you do not see the hype on TV, it is getting me in a tizzy.
But I watched Katrina too, I am just trying to see what we can learn from all this.
The way we built..surely...the way we prepare...
no use buying a bunch of groceries when you know you will be without power for awhile.
I made a funny on Facebook
Sabra: now where did I put my arc plans?
Jeannot: I think your brother Noah has them

I am so witty. Noah of course is still in NY , the last I heard.

I have no idea yet where it is all heading.
It will be cat 1 in N Y but they say not to be fooled by this.
All transport at a still at noon today,
that will be eerie, New Yorkers do not use cars that much,
they take the subway and the busses.
All will be stopped.
I am sure we will see photos of what it looks like.

Washington too is in state of emergency.

the best one can do when all is said and done is to find shelter and pray if you can.

Bubbles around you!!!!

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