Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the good and the bad about the Internet

I can't be without my computer.
I get out once a week and otherwise see very few people.
So I play, write, email, buy and sell on the internet.
It is part of my day, the most part of my day.

When I started to sell on eBay it was 1977.
That was some time ago and I can't believe how fast it all went.
Ebay I think was 2 years old then and an infancy full of problems
and joys. Now it is totally an enormous business to deal with not to mention Pay pal too. The policy now protects the buyer a lot more than the seller.
It is also expensive.

I can write to my pals in Belgium and get an immediate reply if they are "on" no more waiting for 5 days till the mail gets in.

Overall it is a marvelous tool for me BUT...I started to blog 4 or so years ago
husband was very sick with Alzheimer and I was a caregiver going out of her mind with worries. Writing about it helped and I had hoped that it would help other people in the same situation. It did for some and got me a job for a year with a site now gone and broke. So somewhere I hope it all did some good.
Sept 5th will be the first anniversary of my husband's passing.
I thought of stopping the blog but a couple of friends asked me to continue and write about my life, my youth, and just about anything.
The request was flattering and I may give it some thought after Sept 5.
However I was very naive when I started this all.
I was a Pollyanna thinking that life was just nothing but lillies and daisies.
What I do regret is that I also discovered that there are mean spirited people who may use your blog for their own gain. Perhaps they are mentally ill and can't help themselves but they are on the internet just like anybody else.
So I made one decision and that is not to write anymore about my son. His life is different from mine and he lives the way he wants to and should be free of freaks and crazies. No research will be possible on this site about Bob. Basta!!!!

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