Thursday, August 18, 2011

interesting show about psychics last night

Of course the famous Randy was there offering one million bucks if someone could prove to him that they had indeed psychic powers and in touch with the unknown.
No one even came close. Sylvia Browne refused his tests time and time again.
BTW SYLVIA Browne on Montel had told a family that the missing son was gone and showed an area where he might be. Family mourned for years and then the boy showed up last year very much alive, had been abducted. It was all on the news, Sylvia
apologized to the family.
James Van Praag was interesting, did not convince the journalist neither did he convince me and I am an easy target.
At the end two L A psychics got to another reporter was that nasty lady who had been on the wives of Beverly Hills .....
Late in life , I am having great doubts about a lot of it.
What I do not like is the money angle. I think if you have such a gift and you can help people you should not charge a penny.
Van charges 125.00 a person in a very large group in a hotel and he gives them tid bits, he is a fabulous cold reader and people do not realize in the moment how much information they are handing him on a platter.
I tried to count the heads in the room at least a hundred there easy money for an hour of work. He lives by the sea in a nice place..........
the two in LA had nice pools and homes..........
a gift like this should be shared...........I had a lot of premonitions in my life
many who became reality ....I read cards....but I would never charge a dime.
Someone brought me a bouquet of roses at one time. I took them but did not expect that.

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