Saturday, August 6, 2011

lovely week end

Had a nice visit with Bob's girlfriend.
What I learned so far is that she is very considerate and remembers things about you, she brought me this large glass which holds a zillion tons of water, it is double walled so it keeps it cool, in the wall is a blue butterfly.
She remembered the butterfly story and she knows I need to drink water, she gave it to me with orders to DRINK THE WATER.
Same with her Mom who made raspberry cheesecake for him as his favorite fruit is
raspberries. They seem to remember the little things.

On the other side of the coin, a stalked who made his life miserable for 2 years,
he never met, never talked on the phone, is back on the email trail to make his life miserable. A sicko person who needs mental help. When are we going to help people who need that kind of a hand????

I probably gained 5 lbs with the cheesecake, calories were left in it.

I did enjoy some very cool moments today with a bit of rain and started to be able to clean the house. I did, honestly I did.

Rhonda is at sea on the way to Maine.
It is her dream.

I am feeling very healthy so hope all the other tests will be fine too.
They have to be.
I have much to see and do.

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