Sunday, August 28, 2011

The cab driver said it would not be bad but...the mayor said:

Worst Poughkeepsie flooding in recent memory, officials say

POUGHKEEPSIE – The city’s most senior officials say Hurricane Irene caused the worst flooding of Poughkeepsie in recent history.

The Hudson River crested over its banks and flooded Waryas Park, extending past the Ice House. The Mid-Hudson Bridge was barely visible during the height of the storm and its driving rain.

Mayor John Tkazyik said now comes figuring out how to pay for the overtime and repairs to any damaged infrastructure. (Listen to interview with the mayor.)

“We are hopeful that given what the President and the Governor have stated that we are going to be able to keep track of many of these additional costs that we are experiencing and get some financial support and able to cover the overtime, additional manpower and additional resources we are utilizing,” he said.

The Hudson also crested over its banks in the City of Newburgh and flooded out at least one popular waterfront eatery.

Residents experiencing flooding may call 845-451-4000 to report them.

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