Monday, August 29, 2011

Calming Monday

My New Jersey friends are OK. Maggie in Wilmington is OK. Lee in Mass. is OK.
Kids on the boat are OK. Noah is OK , Sabra too, I can relax now.
I only watched half the news tonight and let it rest.

Latest on news is that chocolate including milk chocolate is good for combating heart disease, wonder if Nestle was the sponsor of the search.

The Monday quarter back, is that what they call it? I am not into football.
Well now different opinions are being posted everywhere about how the predictions were handled. Give me a break, it is mother nature and she is fickle. We are doing better at this year after year but still are we supposed to say:
"You know people it may be very bad or nothing at all, go play bridge, run around naked if you will, all is cool. We just do not know much, bye bye".

In view of Katrina's past I do think that we need to be vigilant and the politicians have a lot at stake here. We need to know what to do next and if suddenly the sun appears then get a sun tan!

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