Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene starting to make the NC coast a bit wet

Maggie from Wilmington is going for higher grounds but no evacuation was asked for, the governor did tell the people on the coast to just go and mandatory evacuation is in force on the island and the immediate coastal housing and hotels.

I watch it all with care, and I hear that New Yorkers do not listen to anyone, least of all officials. That may be a problem for them on Sunday.
If Irene keeps going the way she has then Manhattan could be flooded according to predictions. This storm is the worst in 50 years.

The water rats stayed in Tarytown last night but are en route to poughkeepsie which is 60 miles from Manhattan, hope that helps, wonder if the Hudson would not crest too?They have reservations at a hotel for the week end. Of course the boat is an issue of great concern I am sure.

We in the mountains will not get a drop of water from it all and we continue to be in heat if you pardon the pun. We do need more water.

My friend Lee is in Mass and no doubt will have some wind issues so I am concerned about her in that marvelous part of the country with so many older houses, churches and buildings.

On to later with update Irene.
Lets not even think about the next one which is brewing in the oceans somewhere.

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Gypsy said...

We talked to people in City Island and they were very matter a fact. The woman in the hardware store said that they are "jaded". They've been told about so many natural events that they're not concerned. We were buying line there to secure the boat. No one was scurrying the way we were. You're right, they're not listening.

I'm glad we're up the Hudson. Art's brother-in-law suggested it. Angels are watching over us surely.

I worry about the coast of NC. Beaufort and Wilmington have so much history; are so beautiful.

Keep us abreast of NC news!