Saturday, August 27, 2011

maryland is getting wet feet

and Rhode Island coastal people are now getting orders for evacuation.
I forget how many in NC are already without power, in the thousands.
DC Mayor is still keeping the underground working, they have sandbags in front of entries but I saw like 2 rows of them, that is not going to hold much water.
NY City hospital has 6 patients too ill to travel, one has a brain tumor and sister was beside herself. If the water goes into the basement that is where they are housing their generators!!!!All other hospitals belonging to city (5) and nursing homes are evacuated. I think Bloomberg is trying not to see a New Orleans when Monday rolls around. Obama has been visiting centers and how the preparations are going.
NJ is being slammered with heavy rains. Maryland is now the Main problem at this hour.
Irene is as big in size as Europe, hard to imagine, she is very wide and round.

NY will see it all tomorrow morning.

The boat people in Poughkeepsie are heading out to hotel.
A large sailboat belonging to a celebrity is near them, the captain is staying on board and will keep them up to date via phone. If the phones keep working.

The water is already higher at Battery Park said the man , just inches right now but the rest will be tomorrow morning.

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