Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17th

On AUgust 17th 1955 I came into this country quite legally having waited 4 years for an immigrant visa, together with a family who was willing to take us in and sign for us.
Times have changed, the family would have been responsible for us if we did not start working ........why did we stop that law????
It makes sense.
Also entry was not so easy if you wait 4 years for it and you could not have TB not communistic activities.
Came in on a Greyhound bus from Montreal to New York, no a/c then, hot hot hot bodies and different odors everywhere but all I could think off was "New York".
I remember having a pink peasant blouse on and pink skirt.
Started my period during the trip, oh joy!
Near Connecticut we ran into a huge storm .they did not number them then but this
was frightening. The bus had to stop several times as the driver could not see where he was going. The storm had a name but I long forgot it. Could have been Diane.
The bus drove from small town to small town, no major highways then along that road.The N J Turnpike was fairly new but that is all I remember in major highways.
By the time we hit NY it was nightfall.
My then husband decided to go and hunt for a hotel and found around the corner,
he returned to get me and the suitcases and told me to hurry as he had turned on the tub so I could have a bath (knucklehead he turns on the water and leaves?)
The excitement to finally be here was probably raising my BP even then, at 23!

Talking about this to my second husband we realized that we met on Aug 17th in Santa Cruz when I was renting a shop space in a mini mall. He had the space next to me. The rest was 42 years of a great union.

so today, August 17th, the memories are vivid of both events.....
they bring smiles and happy tears .............

56 years in this country! Wow! Was it not yesterday when I was 20???


Gypsy said...

It was Diane. The costliest storm at the time at $3.25 billion. Hurricane Connie had hit five days earlier. I was at the foot of the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 2011 and cried. I sailed into New York Harbor last week - imagine that, ME at the helm and... I cried. First generation American. Happy Anniversary Mom.

Jeannot said...

Thank you ,it was a great day, I could dance in the street today all by my email I sent you.