Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ok Dr bones has an opinion...I do not have to agree

said he, yes the handsome one, I did not like his shirt tie combination today ....
so said he:"your back is ugly....IF you fall again you will go through the same scenario....your bones are brittle...take vitamin D (I already do)".
I decided that I am going to walk on eggs until I am steady without vertigo and
just let him talk and do my thing.
He told another lady I know after he did her shoulder surgery:
"this will probably come back so be prepared!"
I think he is wishing for more clients so he plants this stuff into our
He also told me a few months ago that his friend had the same surgery as mine
and they said he did not have any cancer anymore and he died from cancer 6 months later. He looked at my necklace then and said: Will this to Sabrina!
The end of this month it will be 5 months since my surgery...yikes....

I am going to the beach for the Labor day week end with Brie.
We both can use a "run away" time even for a few days.
The ocean loves me and the sun there is stronger then here (S C )
so I should get some help with the scalp which is now one landmark of psoriasis,
I do not flake little tiny flakes I have snowflakes falling from my

Bob is doing very well in the humor department.
He is triply kind to me, he is a nice guy.
He will conquer this disease, he has to.
He still has a lot of life in him.
Girlfriend is still upper most on his mind.
Good so!

Sabrina went sliding or whatever they call it,
just going down a rope at 55 miles an hour and 200 feet above the trees.
She loved it.

Got to do some dishes

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Unknown said...

What a rude doctor seriously! Good think he is good looking.

Sliding? heeheehee Z would LOVE to do that but she doesn't weight enough yet. :( The one time A~man was on a zip line he broke his arm.