Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun day in Asheville today

I love to go to Asheville but most of my visits there lately have been to see doctors.
Got to see my urologist for check up, not very happy about that since I have been having pain in my back. Do not want the other kidney to start any trouble.
The trophy I get afterwards is a nice lunch at the Bistro on the castle grounds.
We have a year pass, Brie and I, and we treat ourselves to a nice lunch at the Bistro.
Usually just a cheese plate and fantastic bread.
The best of cheeses which melt in your mouth like butter.
Then we go to the garden shop and see if anything is affordable and needed...cross out needed....what do we need but bread butter and wine...cross out wine...the psoriasis does not like it...bread butter and a good cup of java.
Then we meander into Michaels ...maybe...but most of all the huge Habitat thrift store...they do have so me neat things at times and it is a very clean store, no clothing but furniture, art work , and do dads.
Then we stop somewhere for an ice cream in the afternoon, get groceries and call it a day. For me that is heaven! Thanks to Brie I get this treat!
Also Rhonda gave us the pass to get into Biltmore.


Gypsy said...

Glad you're still going to the Castle and the Garden Shop.

Jeannot said...

no garden shop this time and Bistro was a bit off, the ride was nice, the corn high and lush along the road.