Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sabrina and I went to Savannah to pickup Zack.
He had been taking lessons at SCAD, an private art school with a great reputation.
I felt very good and the ride (about 5hours) did not bother me. That was the best news for me.
I had booked a hotel in the center close to the dorms of the school.
Expedia had given us a great rate considering that it was the 4th of July week end
and the town was filled with tourists, not counting on all the parents who showed up to find their artsy kids.
More girls than boys we found out.
One floor of boy dorms and 3 floors of girl dorms.
Students had come from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Sweden and all over the USA.
Zack's room mate was from Colorado , on his own and had flown in.
Zack was happy to see us and go out to shops and dinner out.
He did not want to go home, he had a great time there and felt he had learned a lot.
We had an exhibit to go to as soon as we had arrived , I was very anxious to see
what form of art there was to be seen.
7 busses filled to the brim with parents and students rushed to the ancient building near the white Bridge. The school had renovated an old warehouse and it is a fabulous building, lamps were made in the classroom using old materials and
a lot of the decorations were all school projects.
I was at home, again surrounded by art. All sorts of expressions, pencil drawings, paintings, collages, fashion designs, photography, jewelry originals, the scope was enormous. After walking row to row I managed to find a chair and plunk down and rest my tired feet. I started to take it all in and enjoy the youth energy around me. Girls in short, short dresses, girls in hippy type do's, memories from the 1970's. 4 inch heels I noticed going by and just when I wondered how they could walk on this, one girl twisted her foot with a big "ouch" yell.
The atmosphere was electric and I did enjoy the charge after the long ride.
I rarely see so many young people anymore and I surely enjoyed the mix.

I loved Zack's work, of course, I am his grandma, not sure of his cartoon but it was on display.No prizes were given, all were considered equal art expressions, I liked that. They will have enough critics if they continue in this line for a living.

After the show we managed to get dinner at a Mexican restaurant who served enough for for 10 of us. We had promised ourselves crab legs by the pound at the River for tomorrows outing.

Zack joined us the next day and we spent most of the day on the beach on Tybee Island (spelling?). I knew I could not sit on the sand and get up without a lot of assistance so I was smart and got me a regular beach chair. No way I could get in the water, as soon as I looked at the waves the vertigo set in and I was ready to flop on my derriere again. Brie and Zack had a lot of fun in the water and I
just sat and took it all in, mostly I enjoyed the sun and the breeze.
Yes, there was a breeze otherwise I would not have been able to handle the 98 degrees out there.

In the evening we went to the River walk. We found our restaurant and I devoured 1 lb of crab legs tried not to dip too much in the butter and enjoyed a light beer too. I was in heaven! Lots of noise, lots of people, there is a world out there after all.

Savannah has one very good point to make, it gives you free busses every 20 minutes into the center and then the river. Fabulous as parking is always filled up.
At the beach we had to pay 20 bucks to park on a private lawn. We were lucky to find that.

Zack reminded his mother and I that the bus was going to be there in 5 minutes so we had to leave the dress shop and start walking, did I say walking? We saw the bus and we started to run, old Meme here with her back problem forgot not to do this
madness and just sprinted with the other two. Made it into the bus and a pain cracked up and down my spine. Oh, Shit! I said silently, afraid to tell Sabrina but by the time we were at our hotel the pain was gone. Go figure!
Dr. Bones would not be pleased with me but I am feeling fine.

On the way home we made a slight detour of about 60 miles to find the red roof Tanger stores, we ended up in Hilton Head. We came for Zack shoes, did not find them, but I found 2 skorts and Brie a lovely bathing suit which she had not found
at the beach. As we walked in the stores a person at the door would yell out
50% off today for the whole store. This scene was repeated and repeated and we did welcome that!!!

We came home to be greeted by 3 excited dogs!!!!!Bijou did not let me sleep that night, he kept creeping up to my face and licking me. In the middle of the night I took him out figuring that he needed to pee, not so, came back into bed and he started licking again....mama is home .....that is what he was saying and he
wanted to show me how much he had missed me.

Did Savannah win me over this time? No! I was glad to go to be out of the house and to zee Zack but Charleston is my place.

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Unknown said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip but I agree nothing can beat Charleston!