Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas crunch time

We had a nice dinner at Sabrina's , a sort of pre Christmas. Peter will not be with us on Christmas eve so we gave him his Spider man stuff early. Wondered how Bob would react. Did a mistake and told him at one o ' clock that we would be picked up at 5.15. Wrote it down. Every 15 minutes after that I had to explain the time and place and why we were leaving the house. I should know better I have done that mistake many times before.
I have to learn to just tell him :Put your coat on we are going to....
Exactly when the car is in the driveway.
Would save me a lot.

At Sabrina's he behaved well even so I saw a slit for a mouth when Peter was on the couch
next to him. He still knows better than to fuss around Sabrina. She tells him off in a very gentle firm way but he knows her. You do not mess with Sabrina.

Off today, feeling better and will visit a nursing home with Peter to give some small
gifts for the elderly. I think I will also add my mom's scarfs.
They are new as she collected them and I have been "saving" them since 1993.
Peter was singing with his school mates at 2 nursing homes yesterday.
That made me quite content. I could be there tomorrow and Bob too.
One never knows. I am not inviting that thought , I am still thinking I have just turned the corner of 50.

This year I have no Christmas spirit whatsoever. It is another day on the calendar.
I asked Rhonda if we can find a place to go to midnight mass.
We were thinking some Episcopalian and Catholic church which has more
traditional stuff going on like when I was a kid.
We shall see. Staying awake will be another matter.
And how will Bob take it?????
Cant leave him alone at that hour.

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