Friday, December 14, 2007

Coffee or coke?

That is my question when we go to a restaurant. For the past 2 visits I noticed that Bob did not respond very quickly. I started to think that he no longer knew the difference.
Then I happened to notice that at home he poured a glass of coke and added milk and sugar and ran for the microwave , so I stopped him and tried to explain.
He had not a clue what I was talking about.
So another small set back.
At the restaurant then daughter Sabrina said, something cold or something warm?
He did not have to think about that one, he immediately said "cold".

Visited a friend who 2 days ago lost a leg.
Bob never noticed the leg missing.
He was however full of compassion for the sick man in the bed.

One has a hard time to understand what must be going on in his mind.
Is he better of because he does not see nor hear reality any more?
Or is he struggling hard inside his being to trash out the confusion and is he hurting
because of it.

Or are we, the care givers, the ones who are constantly in pain about this disease.
I went to an Alzheimer meeting and one lady said she was happy when she discovered she had breast cancer. I thought it very bizarre but so many years later I am starting to understand.
This lady needed a rest and she thought her only way out was with being sick.

Overall today was not such a bad day.
So we will watch it when he pours Coke.
least he knew he was thirsty.

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