Friday, December 14, 2007

The tree saga continues

If you know someone afflicted with Alzheimer then you know that any change becomes a small or large drama.
The Christmas tree is that to Bob.
I plug in the lights, he follows me and unplugs them.
Peter came to continue to hang ornaments and Bob pushed him quite hard
into the ornament basket, lucky for Peter and my ornaments he stumbled into a chair.
Bob announced : children should not hang ornaments until they are 15!
I fergot to keep my cool so I answered something about 15 year old boys and girls.
I lost it...again.
I know better. I should stay calm.
We can "should it" ourselves every day.
Staying calm and know the reason why is not always in my agenda.
Peter and his mother vanished quickly to their own house.
Tree left half decorated.
Me huffing and puffing because I thought we'd all could go out and have
a nice dinner out.
It was not to be.
Bob sat in his chair waiting for food.
I just threw some cottage cheese and peaches on his plate and went to sulk
in my office.
Another day with Alzheimer who is not becoming my friend.
After 10 years you would think that you get used to it.
Later in bed , Bob, took my hand and kissed it many times as he always does
he did not remember a thing and I shook my head and told myself how stupid
to get excited about little Peter being pushed by Grandpa, guess he was pushed many times in school that day.
But this is Grandpa, it is not right but it is going to happen.
Deal with it, Jeannot

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