Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lets do the Roomba!

I am giddy today! ABSOLUTELY GIDDY!
Son, Bob, busy making robots was joking with me about the Roomba vacuum cleaners.
It did not stop there for me, I decided to investigate.
Bob said that the reviews from a publisher on Robots were amazingly good. Unexpectedly good.
I checked at the factory and read all I could read.
Then I did the eBay thing and price comparison.
These new ones are costly , around 400 bucks.
I do not have 400 bucks to spend on that so I thought this was not yet for me.
I kept doing search hoping some eBay soul would have put theirs in the jewelry category and no one saw it. Yeah RIGHT.
But Amazon had one which was a rebuilt one with 90 days guarantee.
It was 74.00 plus shipping some 80 bucks.
I thought about that for 5 minutes and bought it.
I have purchased a Olympic camera years ago which was rebuilt, I had bought my Dyson rebuilt and all works still very well.
I figured that the factory is not going to do a lousy job when they want the product back on the market.
The Roomba came. I named it "Marie" because all the maids in my native Belgium in the 1930's were called "Marie". So help me they were.
I plugged in the battery and pretty soon Marie was at work in the bedroom.
Cat came around the corner, looked at "it" and scrambled with her back up high.
Toto, our Maltese, came and looked, did not know if he should shake his tail or not and ran into the kitchen.
Bob came and looked and shook his head and he too left Marie working.

I was very skeptical. I have severe Psoriasis, hence I leave flakes all over the house.
Most vacuums do not pick them up. It is like there is electricity in my skin and decides to stick to runs and wood floor.
I finally bought an Oreck, years ago, and it was the first vacuum which took care of the problem. I decided 2 years ago to retire the Oreck but daughter is still using it and it still works.
I bought a rebuilt Dyson and that is simply THE BEST.
So why do I need something else?
Daily vacuuming at this point in my life is not an option, I have so much more to do.
The flakes get worse, psoriasis gets worse from stress.
I see the tiny white spots and I just hate it.
I bought a new bed which does not have wheels and moving the bed to clean under is now a big chore.
In other words at 75 when I vacuum my bedroom and move what I need to move I have lost 3 hours and I am exhausted.
Marie worked her little batteries till the end and had finished the bedroom and the bathroom and all the flakes and cat hair were gone.
I recharged the lady which took about 2 hours and off she went to do the dining room.
Only problem is that she does not like rugs with fringes, she wants to eat them and then gets stuck and she does try that with wires too.
So fringes and wiring got to get out of the way.
People say she is very loud, well, I am quite hard of hearing so to me she just has a murmur.
See there are blessings in some things.
No, I am not retiring the Dyson but I think once a month will be all I will be using it and I
probably will use Marie every day.
How bad can it get, you put it on the floor and leave it do its thing.
I can go and sit and eat bon bons or I can sit and write this silly blog while
the murmur on the dining room tells me she is not on strike, she is working.
Viva Marie!

I hope she lasts and lasts, i checked the new ones which have new features but I do not see the need for them. I am quite happy with what it does now.

There is also a wet Roomba which does hm hm.......................

Good day today cleaning gets done, Bob is fine, tomorrow Christmas party at work.
We are alive and well.

PS No I do not get paid by Roomba for this advertising

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