Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holiday

Well, Christmas is over and all went well.
Had a nice dinner with the girls and grandkids, it was quiet without the 8 year olds.
They were in Texas and Winston Salem.
Cuban roast was very good and nothing was very disturbing to Bob.
He knew who I was all evening so that was a plus.
I am glad all the hoopla which we minimized is over with.
Looking forward to vacation.
One more day to be at work at 7
I guess we are waiting for people to beat the door down with returns, why should we have to be open to do that?
Or? Could it be that we will have buyers with the many gift cards we sold?

I won employee of the month again and got my 50.00 gift card to splurge with.

Good night all time to go to bed and get up early manana por la manana

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