Friday, December 28, 2007

Visit at the VA

So we got up at 6 to get to the VA in time.
This time we did not have to wait 6 hours but left the building at 9.30
Not too bad.
I got a lecture from the doctor who said he was a pro-life doctor.
I had not asked the question.
He seemed annoyed at me.
Bob had prostate cancer many years ago.
He had the seed implants and radiation at the time.
His PSA has shown to be normal till now.
We still did not get the test back when we left but the dr
"thought" there was a very small nodule which could have been from the radiation
or just something hanging around or worse.
I told him if worse that unless Bob was in pain we would not do anything.
I remember how tired he was with the radiation.
The trips every day to and fro etc....
Besides that I also read that they no longer do that for an 81 year old
as this is such a slow moving cancer that most men die from something else
than the prostate cancer.
So I got this long long lecture on how to preserve life.
Did he think I wanted to get rid of my husband? What a stupid a..
this is not a urologist first of all and unless Bob is in pain I will let him have his time
in peace and quiet.
Besides that this dr. did not even have a PSA result for this visit so he only
had to his disposal what he "found".
Talk to me if a PSA jumped from 1 to 6 , talk to me then and give us options
but this was ludicrous.

After all this fasting , Bob was ready for a good breakfast which we enjoyed at
Shoneys with our chauffeur and lovely daughter Sabrina.
In the meantime I only expect good results.

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