Thursday, December 27, 2007

Getting ready a good night sleep.

Evening has become quite a ritual when it becomes time to get to bed.
Bob checks the doors, all of them .
Ten minutes later he checks the doors again.
Then a barricade is being made for the front door.
A chair, a box, a table, whatever he finds nearby that he can pick up
goes in front of the door.
I did argue with that for awhile because I thought it to be quite a hazard
in case of a fire.
Now I am tired of fighting this so I let the barricade go up.
Some nights it is a BIGGY and some other nights there is just a table.
This routine is nightly.
So he does "remember" on what to do in the evening.
After that he prepares for bed and then we have the routine to see if
tonight I am his wife or somebody who is in the house and he does not want
her to share the bed.
When we sort out that little scenario and he is in his pyjamas
then he goes back into the kitchen and starts to open doors again
and locking them.
He gets into bed and asks me:
Could you check the doors?

Yesterday he did not know who Toto was.
I leave him a list and I am not sure what he can read anymore
but I ask him to take Toto out on certain times.
So he came to me and asked who Toto was.
Often he does not know how to read the time.
Got him a digital clock and sometimes that helps.
Not always.

One has to put humor into these situations or one just dies inside.
I like humor and so I try to inject that especially on my good days.
The days that I have tolerance and I am not on a pity pot.
I will ask him before going into bed.
OK, honey, who am I tonight? Am i your best friend and can I sleep here?
He looks at me and says: of course what is the matter with you.
Then I am relaxed and happy.
When he answers that I should go home then I often just loose it.
Humor, bring on the humor, do not loose anything!!!!

Tomorrow is a VA day, he has to fast tonight.
That will be a biggy
He does not do well with information ahead of time
Trying to soothe him and get him up early and ready
without food is not going to be easy.
Not that the VA does much, they weigh him, check his leg rash,
take his BP, and give him the same prescriptions as always.

I fergot he also sees people around at night and I have to send them home
before he locks the doors.
They gave him anti psychotic meds which is what they give Alzheimer patients
anyway. He had side affects of diarrhea so I do not give them to him anymore
and I just tell the "people" to go home.
So far it is working.

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