Thursday, September 18, 2008

Counting coins means it is time for dinner

He sits and counts his coins. I no longer give him bills, he lost too much.
What does this translate? Counting his coins means something?
Yup. It is near dinner time and he thinks we can go to B K and he can buy dinner.
He counts over and over again.
Row by row, the quarters , then the dimes, then the nickels, he has problems with the pennies.
I am not sure he knows what they are.
He does not want to tell me how much he has, he hides it
in a little pouch and then in his drawer.
Drawer is his domain.

Now I have to hussle, he is hungry,
When he counts it is either that he is going to drive home, home is Santa Cruz Cal. or he wants BK.
Since neither are going to happen I better get going to
fix something soft. The teeth are really bad.
The dogs too seem to know it is that time.
They are already lining up in the kitchen.

From my desk I see the action and I think:
these are 3 smart Alecs, Geez they know too when dad counts money
it must be dinner time.

I worked late today so he had the “hibbie gibbies” however you spell it.
Son said he walked around the house all day.

Last night he was waiting for his Montana sister.
Today, no doubt, he was waiting for me.

Come on, Jeannot, go fix something delectable that the dogs can eat too.
He does feed the dogs all the time, no matter how I tell him not to.
So again nothing with onions or chocolate.

It is what it is.
Just cool it and cook.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I just wandered into your little corner of cyberspace. I thought I'd offer the support of a complete stranger. Alzheimer's took my grandmother from us after 15 years. I certainly empathize, and my heart goes out to you as I read your blog. Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.