Monday, September 29, 2008

VA pensions available, check it out:

Recap: To all veterans who have been in a war, any war for 90 days are eligible for a pension.

Not very well advertised by the VA.

So I filed for my husband and I(wives too can collect when husband passes on) it was May 2008.
Now there are companies and lawyers who will do this for you the usual charge is 1200.00 when they visit nursing homes.

I filed and needed his proof that he had been in a war for more than 90 days. Our marriage certificate was also needed.

Letters came later with more forms to fill in. Nothing big or difficult just the usual government junk stuff.

Monthly I got a letter saying they were behind and they are working on it.

Last week I got the words I wanted to hear:

Your husband is indeed eligible, what you need to do now is meet with a VA representative and another party such as a lawyer or an organization approved by the VA to become a guardian.

The fact that I have legal documents that I have power of attorney is of no concern to the VA. They have to appoint somebody and I have to report back within 30 days or no deal.

So I am now on the hunt for such a group.

The amount he will get from this pension is still to be determined. As I wrote before I had hear some get 90.00 a month up to 1200.00 a month. I am not having HIGH hopes on WINNING BIG.

Please if you qualitfy apply asap.

The money is there and only 28 % of Vets have asked for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannot, I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog for many months and it is truly amazing. Even though you are talking about Alzheimer's, I find stuff in here that helps me get thru my days...
all the best to you & Bob,