Sunday, September 14, 2008

Morality with Alzheimer

So the other night an encore. I was told by mu husband not to sleep in "his" bed.
He hardly got the sentence together but it was something like "no women in my bed"
and "not right".

In the past I started to argue (like arguing to the wall). I would tell him that I am his wife, I would beg him to try and remember, I would show photos, I would loose it and get angry and he then would become more and more frustrated.
An hour or two of total loss of energy with no different outcome.

That particular night I decided "whatever!". Crawled in bed and soon pretended to sleep.
His mumbling never stopped. Then he went to son's room.
Mind you son has been here for months and dad ignores him.
Does not know he is his only son.
Almost growls at him. Much to the chagrin of young B.
Now he decided to seek council with him, that was a new one.
Young B did not understand what he was mumbling and then followed him to our bedroom.
As he pointed to me B, said "this is Mom, this is your wife"
"You go ahead and sleep next to her and it is OK"
My husband took this as an approval and crawled inbed.
He turned to me and shook my hand and said "Hello".

All was calm.
An hour later he woke up, I had not been able to sleep, I had spent too much time
feeling the pain. He turned to me, took my hand and kissed it.
He was back no "normal" , the glint in his eyes told me he "knew" me.
We both fell asleep hand in hand like we always do.

I was blessed with another night when at least he knew it was ok to sleep with this woman. He has never given up his morality even with Alzheimer's /dementia claiming his brain

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