Friday, September 12, 2008

Possibly a mini stroke?

Last evening, I saw B. slide down his chair till he almost hit the floor.
SOn and I rushed to him and at first we did not get a response. M y heart sank , I soon found a heart beat but we could not get him up. Son carried him to the bed, he became dead weight and very heavy. I undressed him while in bed and then he started to open his eyes and fuss at me.
We just do not know what happened, I think a mini stroke.

No signs on his face or anything else but he could not stand up when we wanted him transported to his bed. His legs gave out.

I could n't sleep , I constantly checked his pulse but he slept like a baby.
I had to do the audit at 8 AM so rushed home afterwards and B just got up and was fine.
He was able to walk ok and eat. So...we shall keep an eye out and see if this happens again I will have him checked.

Today would have been difficult to get to Asheville. No gasoline left in town, not in Asheville either. Would not want Rhonda to have to drive all these miles to the doc and not be able to get to work on Monday.

No wonder no one showed up at the shop.

Well, I had the big shot auditor in yesterday. I do not worry about it. My books are balanced every day before I leave, no exceptions. So can you guess for what I was written up?
The guy came into my office, saw that he needed another adding machine so I pointed to the managers office and he got the machine.
Then he stood there in my office looking for another chair, my care giving, helping people nature took over and I opened the door (a No No) swiftly took a chair from next door and came back in.
Write up time! I am not allowed to leave anyone with my safe open. Not even the highest of all mighty auditors.
I was laughing when I found out, told them that I am not exactly worried about my career.
Give me a frigging break. I am 76. I am the best auditor they have and they know it.
I am probably going to have to leave before Christmas if the situation deteriorates more at home.
Auditors are paid to find mistakes. Or to just balance the books and hope there are no mistakes. Boss auditors have to go back to headquarters and show that their motels/ meals and miles have paid off in some way. Poor guy he had to go home with something.
He also found a few pages my manager did not initial!
C'est la vie, que voulez-vous!
At least I got a giggle out of it. 20 years ago it would have been a drama for me but now....heck life has more drama than that.
Good night, Ari, wherever you are, watch over Bobby, he misses you so.

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