Sunday, September 14, 2008

Humor in all situations ....................

You have to bring humor in it or just give up.

Came home and saw that husband had draped our sheets over the four poster bed.
When I asked him why this was done.
He explained as well as possible that water came in the house and he needed to dry the sheets.

First thought was that perhaps he had an accident, no everything was bone dry.

Then he showed me on the TV the mess with hurricane Ike.

He just could not separate the TV from the reality in our home.
My daughter was with me and she turned it into a joke. She made a different pattern with the sheet and pretty much made the bedroom look like the entrance for a harem.

We all stood there laughing and old B. laughed the loudest.
Soon he forgot about the storm and the water in our bed.
Also I quickly turned off the news.

My daughter is a teacher so she gave me pointers.
Treat him like a 3-year-old Mom and he will laugh with you.
I had tried that before and she is right but I often forget that advice.
I have to get with it.

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