Monday, September 8, 2008

I am beginning my 4 day week at work. I think I will like that.
Have tons to do and hope I do not fall asleep at 6 pm.

Was invited to the Biltmore house tonight, there is a special viewing of the flower carpet they installed.
I sort of said No to the invite.
I know I will be too tired.
Besides that I am such a critic of flower carpets.
Back home in Belgium we have conquered that art.
The Grand Place in Brussels gets that dressed up once a year and it is just huge and fabulous.
Once a year the streets of Loochristi are lined with flowers , all different carpets by different growers, mostly begonias.
Here a sample on how they start it in Brussels:

At the Biltmore it is their first year and they are putting flower pots together,
not single flowers. Still nice!

OK so I am homesick. Probably more a wanderlust, trying to get away from the house. The conditions. The ...whatever.
I'd be happy to go to a motel for 2 days and just sit.
Must have Toto with me.

No rain in sight. Restriction is still going on and will be for some time.
At least we can still take a shower.
Bad water management from the city leaders too.

I am going to make themost of these 3 days and hope that by day 3 I can sit down and read something, that would be a novelty.

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