Sunday, September 21, 2008

Husband for sale ?

This week has been a challenge.
Old B. has been looking for someone, he is not sure who that is.
I know he is looking for me but does not know who is standing in front of him.
Son has a very long body hugging pillow, covered with a wool blanket, cat decided it was her new home.
B. went in and out of the room thinking that the person he needs is under
the blanket, he did not want to remove cat. When I removed the blanket he decided that someone had
hidden the person.
What person? I do not know.
Then he added : I do not remember things, it has been 2 months that I do not remember.
This scenario has been going on all week in one form or another.

I took a different turn, I said” You are forgetting but it will get better”
Son had one of his “one highbrows lifted to the hairline look“.
He was not happy with mom lying but I know for this one second it
will make his dad feel better. The next minute that too shall be forgotten.

We had a sale at work for our charity “I AM” and so I decided to give a lot of doo dads and try and get things simple. Each box had to be inspected,
no matter how I tried to sneak the box out, he found a way.

Then the chatter started “ Who are you to take all this? This belongs to me, this is my house, this is mine.
It did not matter that it was my collection of frogs or angels, they were his.

He saw me pick up the chestnuts fallen from our tree, he now goes out finds one chestnut and brings it home. He gives me his treasure and smiles, he expects something in return so I give him a kiss and tell him he is a big help. He is 3 going 2.

AT the sale someone was trying to give away her husband to our charity, she said he came with a nice car. We giggled and I could not grasp all of the joke, the serious me came to the surface and I said :”NO NO NO, I do not want another husband, not ever!. Daughter tried to turn my seriousness around and
said: What, you do not want another husband with Alzheimer?
Another woman came over and hugged me, she simply said: “Me too, mine is in stage 6. “

We suddenly bonded, we did not know each other’s name but we knew what we felt in our hearts, where the pain lives, where the exhaustion resides,
where the hope is gone for better days together
Heck you do not know if there ever will be better days.
We just became sisters in this world of caring.

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