Friday, September 5, 2008


Leaves are beginning to fall, the intense heat is diminishing, energy is returning and I
started to cook and bake again.
Nothing pleases me more than to see someone who loves my cooking.
B always loved everything I cooked. Amazing.
Son is another matter.

Problem now with B is that if he finds as much as a minute pepper flake he will put it aside on his plate. Anything with a different color and it is also small he thinks it is something bad.

He also does not like mushrooms anymore. Loved them before A.
Loves everything soft , why? because his teeth have gone very bad and he refuses to go to
the dentist. No doubt they would pull them all. B said no false teeth.
Evidently he remembers what that means.
I am on the fence on taking him anyway but I know he would not learn to
use the new teeth so what is the use?

I make him mostly mushy stuff like mashed potatoes and very soft pasta and rice.
Chicken I cut in very small, small pieces.

He has an appetite but he also shares a lot with the dogs.
So I have to watch him if I cook with onions or chocolate.
I assure him not to give this to the animals but he does not understand
so I mostly stand around to see what is going on till he is finished.

Last night was another argument about the car.
Car parked there now is not his, it belongs to son.
He never had a red car but he insists that this is his car.
He tries his keys to get in, he already broke one house key trying to get in.

I try and reason with him about it but he gets angry and turns away.

He may not know his children but he sure knows that he used to have a car.

I am cutting my working days to 4 a week. We shall see how much I can accomplish then.

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