Monday, July 27, 2009

Bob is continually cold, even in our Southern heat wave.
He refuses to wear short sleeve shirts.
Well, there goes one part of his wardrobe.

I purchased him nice long sleeved T shirts.
He looked dashing (in my eyes) and returned with
a PINK sweater in top of that.
The nurse at the day care had loaned him a sweater because
he was cold.
Of course, they do have air conditioning there but not in our home.
He runs around outside in 85 degrees with a sweatshirt and he is
sweating but somehow her also shivers.

Yesterday he planted. His version. He cuts off branches from whatever he likes and pushes them in the ground wherever he likes.
Of course when they are all brown in a few days he does not know that his planting was for nothing.
Whereas I plant and seed and when they die I have a lunatic reaction.

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