Monday, July 13, 2009


Son's corgy dog became "different", her dark eyes looked into ours with a message. She clearly was trying to say something. Then I saw her urinate on the floor and saw blood mixed in the urine.

The "accident" had been happening several times this week and I blamed on our Bijou who is not 100 percent trained.

Did you know that tooth aches, severe belly aches, sick dogs and cats always pick a late Friday night or Saturday morning to start.

Hence the urgent care vet in our town built a most gorgeous building with the very best materials available.

"Carwen" ended up with surgery on Sunday.
She had large stones in the bladder.
and as I write we are still waiting to hear how well she is doing this morning.

It was an anxious week enD.

So I decided to write about the dogs in our lives.
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