Friday, July 3, 2009

A day off and away

Daughter said she would pick up dad for the day as there was no day care and she wanted to give me a break with grandson visiting.
At the last minute we decided, she and I, that I would join them and just hang out at her house while she had to do some cleaning.
The weather was grand, as slight breeze cooled us to be comfortable. I had nothing to do there so I brought my book and quickly fell asleep on the
outdoor swing. It was just great. My Bijou at my feet and my head resting on old dad's lap. We had a fine day.

I knew at home my kitchen floor needed to meet with some soap and water and then I figured that tomorrow with hot dogs and hamburgers and all the boys here that it would get worse. So ...forget the floor....sleep .....
rest and relax. Just fabulous.

If I had been home I could not have done this, I would have done the floor and redo it again on Sunday after the celebration.

Someone asked what Freedom did mean to me.
My answer is always the same.
I KNOW what freedom means, I also know what it means when your country have been invaded by an enemy.
Freedom for me started when we were liberated in our small village in the Flanders during WW2. The war was not yet over and the battle of the Bulge was still to be fought. We in the North counted our blessings.
We were FREE.
I never have taken that word, the feeling, for granted.
Happy Freedom, may the whole world find it.

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