Saturday, July 25, 2009


Green stuff? Yup, Salads.
Geez........anyone who knows me also knows that I never eat my salad
that is for the bunnies. Strictly Bunnies food.
I have a friend who just loves her salads, you would think that she is having an orgasm when she eats a salad.
(Pardon my sexual reference)
Me, I have raised rabbits, I know that they adore this green stuff , now lately there have been problems with the lettuce, the spinach, was there anything else which was contaminated???
Healthy foods, only after you wash them in the washing machine for a half an hour,.
All kidding aside, I ate a salad at a sushi restaurant, I was so hungry I would have started to chew on my glass.
Salad went down easy enough but only with the promise of a California sushi roll.
Diet is on day 5 and I am getting used to it.
I am getting the "stuff" which will help me and not cost me a ton of WW points.
Then there is the running around with the dogs, I get points for that.
The Corgy, over her surgery, now wants to run so I have to do a very fast walk with her to keep up with the short legs running.
Old Bob has been stealing papers today.
Anything with his name on and he steals it and it is gone forever.
Got him in time to rescue the insurance bill.
He appropriated young Bob's favorite Gerber knife and that is not sitting very well. We just can't find it.
So he had to order another one.
Probably buried somewhere outside like he did with my brand new expensive Roomba. It was buried outside and then it rained.
Not great for this housewife who deals with dog hairs.
Hope tomorrow, being Sunday, that he has his best manners.

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Unknown said...

I am one of those weird people that love salad. Here is my current favorite. It is sooo good even you might like it!,-Lettuce-and-Tomato-Chopped-Salad-with-Gorgonzola-Cheese&id=253000