Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday and I am feeling much better

I upset quite a few of my friends who read this mess.
No I did not go to the doctor, I would have felt very silly.
I took aspirin and rested a lot the last 2 days.
I think I was hyperventilating.
That can cause a black out and loss of feeling in the hands and legs.
I only felt it in one hand.

I do a lot of irregular breathing (noticed son) it works with the turmoil in my brain. Worry (my middle name) concern over everything and most of my worries never happen.

So goes it.


Marcus said...

I am glad you are feeling better.Even if you just hyperventilated , you should see a doctor.It could be a sign of something that needs taken care of..You have to ignore it or deal with it.Like the old man told me...Ignore your teeth ,they will go away. Same man said I have seen allot of trouble in my time but most of it never happened.
Read this and then decide... Marcus

Jeannot said...

Marcus, thank you so very much for caring. I am having a complete check up scheduled. I am simply falling apart. I am mostly exhausted.