Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop already with the dog stories

My head feels like it will explode.
Bob back with hallucinations and weird behavior.
I have been very open in this blog but his latest I just can't describe.
It is just too difficult to work with, too gross to write about.
Even an open book like "moi" can't get it written down.

My hairdresser said yesterday that I am the strongest person she knows.
My friend Lee tells me I always had courage. Both are NUTS, I am neither strong nor have a lot of courage. I just have learned since childhood that
whatever comes your way, you have to deal with it. So you just learn to survive in the condition offered to you. That is all I know.
Sometimes that is very wrong such as staying in a marriage which was debilitating and cruel (for 17 years) thinking that was all that was offered to me. (I was very wrong about that)
However when it comes to illness there is not much you can do but try your best.
A client of my daughter has a husband with MS, he can't talk anymore, can't walk hardly knows how to swallow. She is alone with him 24/7. She had a few hours respite but is concerned that the person may not be able to help him in emergency situation. She runs home quickly after her errands.
That is courage!

So since I can't add anything more under the A category I have to go back to the dogs. Why? Well, my Maltese who is not yet 1 year old, loves to
find things to chew on. I can't put my purse down (for instance) or he
goes into it, black nose and snoot digging for a comb or a pen, something to chew on. A checkbook looks inviting too. I have struggled with remembering about my chewy friend and putting things up high.

Now he can jump on the bed too, I forgot that. So in 5 minutes time while I put away laundry in the dresser, he had snatched Sudafed from my night stand and chewed away at one or maybe 2 pills.
Son checked on internet. Showed me calmly that for a small dog this can mean dead!The heart races to fast and often a heart attack follows.

9 PM. Back to the ER which we now so well since Carwen had her surgery just 3 days ago.
The vet now calls us by our first name.
Bijou had his stomach pumped and then a charcoal treatment and off we went. I could hardly breathe, this is my baby, this is my kid, friend,
confidant (yes I tell him what is going on) .
Vet said that Bijou would be very quiet and sleepy, are you kidding me?
Bijou was ready to play as soon as we walked in the door at 10 30 PM and
he cost me a week's grocery money too.
If it is not enough that I wake on the hour to check hubby now I also
was checking the crate but his majesty was sleeping better than his dad.
This morning he is fine and I am becoming a detective for what else he can find.
Old Bob is a two year old and I did forget that Bijou is not yet a teen ager
his birthday (1 year) will be next month.
So enough (I hope) with the four footed stories.

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