Monday, May 4, 2009

Are we May 4th already.

The months seem to melt into one another pretty soon it will be Memorial day and then
you sneeze and it is Labor day and winter is coming to check on you with the long cold
days. Yuk Yuk,
When we lived in the Santa Cruz mountains I thought it was total paradise.
We only had rain in January or February and the rest of the year it was in the seventies.
No humidity.
Yesterday you could cut the humidity with a knife, I can handle the heat but the humidity is not for me, great for my flowers.
May is also memory month.
May 10 1940 Belgium was at war. The day is etched into my brain. May 12 1907 my father was born, he had to steal food for his siblings during was 1914-1918.

May 18 2008 we lost a great human being, she had already done more good in her short 32 years than most of us do in a life time. I miss her a lot.
During the month of May Bob used to tease us about his upcoming birthday, he constantly said he was 18. Now he would not give you a thought if we celebrated or not.
June 8th he will be 83.


CRJ said...

I dread the week coming with more fear than I have felt before. Almost like I *know* someone is going to stab me on that day.

CRJ said...

It's me, Cayta, by the way.

Unknown said...

Ironically I was just thinking of A today. SHE was an angel. She made me rethink any stereotypes I ever had on tatooes etc...her beauty was inside and out.