Sunday, May 24, 2009


I was waiting for months for my big event. The garden show of the year on Main Street.
I knew what I would wear and what necklace was going to be my show piece.
I love jewelry and they become more a part of who I am than my clothing.
So I look like a gypsy , I am one in my heart. Give me a suitcase and tell me I am
going someplace and I am in heaven. I do not even have to know where I am going.

Anyway, the long waited morning came and I knew what I needed, one more spot
in myEnglish garden needed a touch.

It was humid and a promise of some showers. So I needed a cart for the plants, a large umbrella for two, a camera, and a check book!!!
Bob was going to be my escort, I wanted him to be out a bit, not that he cares.
I shaved him, trimmed the hair out of his nose, put on his best Dior top (he used to be
a label freak and loved it when it said :"Dior".) He was all set for the walk, I was not so
excited anymore. I had my gorgeous necklace on, American Native carved bone, but the thought of dragging all this stuff behind me and keeping a hand in mine at all times, well....
it suddenly lost a lot of energy.
I was so lucky Sabrina called and came to get us......bless you my child.......and later brought us home.
I did not find what I needed in the show and only saw half of it as my feet truly started to hurt again and I did forget to take my Aleve. Oh! the joy of creaking bones!!!!!
I did find a trumpet kind of plant for the water garden, it is gorgeous, it cost a fortune but I already visited it twice this morning (in the rain).

Sabrina and Frank were set up with their water features and had a big attraction, they need it, these are hard times. There was competition in that too and then you also had the do-it-yourself people who think they can copy it. These water features of Frank are not tubs to fill with water they are amazing creations , they look so natural, you think you walked into the woods and
transported this into your yard.
here are some photos:

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