Monday, May 18, 2009


A few of the people who are following this and are in the same boat, had written me
about their husband and or wife washing dishes all night long.
One of you wrote about getting him all plastic dishes so he would not break anything
and yet you would hear him "working" in the kitchen and know he had not left the house.

I figured that would not happen to Bob because he sleeps like a log.
for the last 2 night he is up and dressed between 3 and 4 o clock.

Actually I had a dream to go check the kitchen and the stove.
I woke up and RAN into the kitchen and there he stood right by the
stove pan in hand.

NOW the stove I purchased about 2 years ago and he has NEVER turned it on.
He said from day one that it was complicated and would not use it.
He has n't.
I do have the children safety buttons for it and had not used them for awhile
in an false thought that I would not need them.
Think again.

So we are at a new dawn. I do not hear and he is always very quiet getting dressed anyway , we have a night light and that is enough for him. So a new house police is in order.

This afternoon I had to go to the drugstore, about 5 blocks from our home.
Bobby has a bad infection (tooth) and I picked up some ibuprofen
old Bob insisted on going with me. I wished that he did n't for it would make
the walk so much longer, he walks very slowly.
I was shocked to see that he remembered nothing.
Not even our street.
Not our home until he was right at the driveway.
He did not know the church he went to, he kept looking at it but when I asked
what this was he said "I do not know".
He is going down hill very fast now.

When the bus brought him home he didnot know the house and did not\
want to come in. He wanted back on the bus.
aFter awhile he warmed up to me and came in.
That was a first too.

One thing I have learned in the last months is rule number one:
Never argue. It took me forever to get that.
Control freak, I am so I wanted always to explain things to him and
that no longer works.

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