Friday, May 1, 2009

Scam on my debit card

Not a happy camper today.
I was so content that I had 2 lunches out this week.
First we celebrated Sabrina's 49th birthday on the Biltmore estate.
Had a nice lunch at the Bistro.
Late afternoon we stopped for an icecream at TGIF , the place was empty.
But that day someone used my debit card to charge 375.00 for an ad in
Seattle newspaper.
So now I have that hassle to get this back in my account.
I felt so safe with my debit card and I do check it almost every day.
Now 2 days later I made that discovery.

It sucks to have to live and check and check everything.
Read all the fine print or you get screwed.
I just would like to go back to money in the teajar , no credit card and the milkman bringing me butter, cheese and whatever right at my door.
Having said that I would not be able to have so much information and fun on the internet now would I?

My mother in law who passed at 86 told me over and over again that she was ready to go not because of ill health but the world became too confusing to her. I thought it odd, that was 20 years ago , now I am beginning to think like her.

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