Thursday, May 7, 2009

Super clear day

What a gorgeous day. Yesterday the Tornado warnings, a lot of trees down and some
mud slides. We were spared. Now a clear blue sky and 70 degrees.

Planting time, I still need to fill some holes, need more color in the yard.

Bob and I got our bonus from Obama. It all helps.

Sabrina checked into eventual VA help for a rest home for Bob and was told that there is no room at the inn for the Vets UNLESS they are career soldiers.

I had been told that before but we had so much information which did not pan out so Sabrina wanted to hear for herself, of course, by then I had regained some sort of "normal" and decided I could not let him go anyway.

Otherwise I had great news on how to fix up the house but do not want to get into it as I do not want to jinx it.

Found a new way to get Bob up and happy, I put on his underpants and added a big flower to is and pretended it was a hat. He thought it very funny so he got up smiling, put on the pants -sans flower- ate his breakfast and got on the bus without one negative word.
Think I can do that again tomorrow, he probably will not remember that it is a deja vue.

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