Thursday, May 14, 2009

Luncheons I love

I had lunch yesterday with my writer friends.
Celia Miles has written several books and is preparing one
on clothing. She and another well known writer had asked
several people to write something about "clothing".

Since I am always writing my memoirs had a story tucked away which I needed to rewrite. I hate to rewrite with a passion. I hate to edit. I just want to sit down write what is coming into my head and basta no more. It is down on paper so forget it already. That is my style.

Unfortunately I live with a critic, son is a very good writer and started to tell me what I had to change and add. I was not a happy camper.
So when I wrote the short story for the third time, I said : Basta!No more.

To my surprise Celia told me during lunch that I am IN.
Book comes out about October. Fifty or more stories. SHould be interesting.
Mine goes back to 1942. War time in Belgium.
That is all I will say about it now.

I sat in shock, picking on my fish and chips and I asked my only editor if I could truly say that I was published.
She answered : Absolutely.

Of course several of my war stories have been published over the years but this is not a magazine or news paper it is a book!
So what if I will cover only a page or two. I am on my way.

It does not take much for me to get excited. Young Bob has a new interest in my garden and helped me transplant some hostas and I was in heaven.
It is the little things that count. (Is that good English? I am in Bubba country and often catch myself talking funny)

Besides the good news L and C always let me talk and I am a talker.
So by the end of the luncheon I am thinking what I all forgot to ask them.
They are good sports and very quiet lovely people so they let me empty
the brain and pay for my lunch on top of it.
Is that friendship or what? We have know L since 1971.
Good friends are hard to come by, I am lucky.

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Yes, that was proper English!