Sunday, May 24, 2009


Memorial day for me is not about a B B Q , it is the beginning of summer and when I blink it will be Labor Day. So I hope in between that time I get to enjoy a lot of garden time.

Most of all I have some gorgeous roses in bloom and I will bring them to the old cemetery just up the street from me.

The WW1 soldiers did receive a special plot there, about a dozen or so graves surrounded by a rock wall and a flag in the middle. I believe this is all courtesy of some Army group like the American Legion. I will bring my roses there and salute all of them. They liberated my parents and grandparents in Belgium.

Then I go and hunt for the graves that I know are WW2 heroes, they did not get special plots. And since I live in the South I must add that this is the "white" cemetery, the "black" cemetery is across the street, Do not know if it is still so.

I have an enormous loyalty to the soldiers who came over to foreign lands and liberated us.
What enormous courage. What bravery.
When I meet people they ask me where I am from and when I say "Belgium" the old timers immediately tell me "I was in Liege in 1945" , " I was there and there"
I always hug them and thank them. Without them where would I have been today?
They deserve my loyalty. I owe them my very life. My freedom.

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