Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

What a great day we had.
Weather was great and I did not have to cook.
Rhonda unfortunately could not come as she had kidney stone problems.
That is enough to wipe out anyone.
However she bought us tickets for Tom Jones at the Biltmore in July, front seats too.! WOW!

Sabrina and Zack came and brought lunch and dessert so we could just sit outside in the gazebo and enjoy. Young Bob was in good fun form and made the afternoon just fly away.

Check out the photos: Zack is 13 and 6 feet tall. Wrestles in school and track. He will be going to high school. He is also in advanced math. Plays the saxophone.
Sabrina is the dizzy blond, my middle child.
We call her "dependant" no other name could be better for her.

Old dad did not know why all the fuss today, in the olden days he would have joked and told me that I was not his mother so he was glad he did not have to buy anything. He reminded the kids!!!!

The outdoor gazebo which is truly a fancy tent is great, we had down pouring rain this week and it did not get wet in there.
It was lovely to sit out there and see the new flowers I put in.
I can't resist a flower and Friday, Sabrina and I went to a lovely nursery and I lost track of time and my check book. Hoping these perennials will come back next year, I lost a lot this winter. Trying to get a corner in the garden which looks like my grandfathers, he had tons of lupines, they grow nicely in Belgium.
In N C it is another story, wild in some states too. I have been struggling for years to keep them going here.

A great week we had and hope the same for you and we will continue in that spirit next week.

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