Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 1 traditions

In Belgium on May first one gives mini bouquets of lily of the valley to friends and family as a token of good luck.
Venders stand on street corners with the mini bouquets and wish you well.

So I always have lily of the valley flower beds in the shade.
I also have pink ones.

After I found out I got slammed in my debit card account I did not feel so lucky.

Walked downtown to the bank to sign an affidavit and they promised me the money and
will returned. When? They have no idea.
It did not matter my garden to be full of lily's it was not a great day.
On top of that I figured out that I had not walked downtown for a long while and
I was totally out of shape and exhausted.

I better start stepping up with the walks I promised I would do.

So on to May 2nd and lets try this again, I will fetch me a bouquet under the shade of the spruce tree.

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