Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13 2010

Not a happy camper today.
Going to apply for Medicaid.
I have had good days of abundance and lean days with brown rice 3 times a day but I have not had t beg the government before. Besides that it is my understanding that they will nibble at my house after I am gone. Thus  in a nut shell I am going to beg for the rest home payments of 5800 a month for my husband.
Years ago I applied to long term care and since he had prostate cancer I could not get it.
Now we are in this mess.
If anyone questions the cost of Alzheimer illness then I can tell you that it adds up in a hurry.
First of all 13 years in which he was no longer able to work. First 6 years I paid for the medicine out of pocket between 6 and 700 a month.
Fortunately by word of mouth I found out that he qualified for VA meds and the last year he did get a VA pension which he could have received for the last 16 years!!!The VA does not tell you about this until you ask questions.
Bob did fight in the Pacific during WW2.

So in a bad mood I am going to theMedicaid officer and if I do not like what they tell me I will bring old Bob back into the house till the end.

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