Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodbye to a friend

I met Jeannette shortly after she lost her husband. Probably 30 years ago. She worked with me in my shop for awhile. Later Sabrina adopted her as "Grams".
Last week Sabrina talked to her on the phone on her 93rd birthday.
She was jolly and all was fine but today she has left us.
For the last couple of years she was totally bed ridden and life was not that exciting any more but she was still chipper and would still wear her turquoise jewelry while in bed with oxygen mask. Surrounded by the photos of her mother and sister she joined them.
I would say that she had a very nice life, I took her to Belgium with me one year and while she talked about the Eiffel tower all during that visit she did fall asleep in the bus as we drove around it!!!!
We "girls" all went to see the Chippendale and she fell asleep while the macho man was girating in front of her. We had our laughs, Jeannette, we also shed a few tears together.
You go girl and see if you can find some more turquoise!!!!

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