Thursday, April 29, 2010

april29 2010

It has been  splendifirous  day.
Not only is the sun shining yet it is still cool. But good news on two fronts.
First Bob was moved back into the behavior wing and away from the night nurse from hell.
She managed to call Sabrina twice late in the evening to announce that Bob had been checking out different ladies drawers and he had been hit twice.
She had also informed Sabrina that she did not like him at all.
A grievance was filed and we meet tomorrow with the committee.
But he is back where he started and a phone call to Sabrina gave us the latest that they are glad to have him back there. The male nurse Bob loves and he lets him bathe him.
Also they have more people on that floor so if he goes into someone's room I should hope that he is being spotted and that someone with EXPERIENCE will guide him away gently instead of starting to yell at him~in that case he will become nasty~.

Secondly a new life line is going to be given to me. My hearing loss and the absence of "good" hearing aids is making my life difficult.
I often do not want to talk because I know I am not going to hear the answer.
This week at the doctor's office I could not hear a word he said. Sabrina had to repeat it all later. NC requires that in these offices they would have a gadget to help the hearing impaired.
I did not know that.
OK OK So I had the lady in charge coming to my home~because of my condition~ and teach me what is available for the hearing impaired.
She had this little gadget in hand and
I could hear every word she said.
I almost cried when I had to hand it over to her when she left.
Anyway the process has started and I will get help.
If I can hear then I can get a better life.
I would like to volunteer at the Hospice store. I can walk there and retail has been my whole life. I have experience in all the facets of running a store but if I can't hear people I will not even start.
So the day is just fabulous.

I also did not walk on the foot today as I did all day yesterday and started major cleaning in the kitchen~by eve I had and still have a weird rash~ son scolded me and said that I over did it and do not take in account that this is a major break and I need to cool it till it all heals.
On to a great tomorrow.

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