Monday, April 26, 2010

Family harmony

What is upsetting to me is the fact that for the moment the family harmony is shot.
I should just let it be and know that somehow it will all correct itself.
As a mother of 3 I have this ideal in my head that everyone related should just adore each other. Say what?
Take it from the fact that I am an only child and do not know the sister/brother relationship mode.
Take it that I am a Mom first of all and I want the best for my chickens and I am in  fantasy land and want every one to adore one another.
OK OK So for today I will try and let it all hang out and not let it enter my
own rehab of finding a new life.


Unknown said...

I understand. My mom would even more understand. I have 5 siblings. We are all completely different personalities although we do have similiar talents/beliefs/interests.Yet we are not really that close. My sister in fact is no longer speaking to me. (again...I guess it's MY turn she has done this off and on with 2 of my bros) I say that with a giggle. You know me. She is anal retentive...I am the opposite. I am no better than her she is no better than me. YET we all love each other. I am guessing it is the same with your sweet children. <3 to you!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem like stressful times can make the differences in our types, styles, temperments stand out very clearly? And we may see those differences as liabilities, or even a personal affront, gosh darn it! When a family has a member with Alzheimers disease there are all kinds of important decisions to make over time, things to be done daily --and there's a chance "perceptions" during this stressful time may go so far as to cause rifts, bitter accusations, and even falling out entirely -maybe for ever. These experiences are rather common in an Alzheimer patient's family. It happened in mine. But as Over Yonder said, "YET we love each other". You can sense the family love by the intensity of the feelings; the strong reactions. Family things are visceral things, because they matter. In light of this, it hurts a lot. But the value of a truce or mending of a near-demolished family relationships is immeasureable. I think it is because, for me, I feel like a tonne of bricks is off my heart. And it feels right. You don't get there yourself, but together --with a little trust and forgiveness. We all gotta laugh together as a real preventative of fall-outs. That's my belief.