Friday, April 2, 2010

Humor in evrything

When I think of it I was humerous even
on the bed in the ER waiting for Xrays and a doctor.

Asked who I wanted as a dr. (like we have an orthopedic dr in our head all the time) I simply said :
The man with the office across the street, forgot his name but he mended my arm and is so very cute!!
Yup, said that before the drugs hit!
They did get the right man.
Dr. Brooks, your looks got you the job!

After 4 days in hospital I was told that I needed a rehab. Never heard that medicare was going to pay for rehabilitation , I thought that I would hobble on home and try my best.
No, no, said the social worker you need rehab.
I got very frustrated and said:
I only had a little morphine and I promise not to take more of the Vicodin.

I was totally sure that the 4 days of being drugged now made me a druggy for are they not the ones going to rehab?

By the way where is that bottle with the black button, you just push and go to la la land.

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Unknown said...

haha I think I know the dr you are talking about. Did you go to the hospital closest to you? When Chris broke his hip a year ago I'm thinking it was the same dr...he was REALLY young. (I was thinking Doogie Houser in my mind)