Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dad did not behave well

Sabrina got a call from the nursing home that Dad had been in a ladies room and
rumaged through her clothing.

Seemed like she was unhappy and does not see well so she tapped him and he got angry. Lucky he did not hit her.
It seemed quit unusual for the nurse to call Sabrina at 11PM.
So we went there this a m and we had a list of some small complaints.
The nurse had said:We do not like him here on this floor!
Obviously the big boss was not happy with this and there will be someone now watching out over him as everyone knows you do not mess with Sabrina.

I walked up to him as he stood by the door and said : Hi!
He turned and smiled and said:
How did you get here?
Did he remember I do not drive?
He knew me, no question he knew me.
He took my arm and we walked to his room and sat on the bed.
He hugged me and hugged me and held both hands.
He was called for therapy and we managed to sneak out while he was busy with shaking of the arms and hands.
I said to him: I am sorry you have to be here.
He said: It is ok!
I asked if he ate and he said "if I like it".
Then laughed , he said he had plans for September. I could not make out in the gibberish what the plans were.
I felt that we had a good visit and had
worked on the logistics of his care, well Sabrina did. I am not good at it because I can't understand half of what people are telling me.

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